Wonka OIL Cartridges

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PATIENTS HAVE REPORTED: Uplifting, Relaxed, Functional, Focus, Mild Euphoria, Aids with Sleep
PATIENTS HAVE USED IN TREATMENT OF: Pain, Depression, Bi-polar, Social Anxiety
PRIMARY TERPENES: Limonene | Myrcene | Caryophyllene (based on an average of lab results; may differ slightly batch-to-batch).

GENETICS: GMO x Mint Chocolate Chip
CLASSIFICATION: Sativa-dominant

• *Cartridge Only*
• Cutivar Specific
• CO2 Extracted
• Broad Spectrum
• 100% Cannabis-Derived Terpenes and Cannabinoids — no fillers or cutting agents
• Designed for use with Phoenix Nest Battery

THE PROCESS: Firelands Scientific Vape Cartridges are filled with Broad Spectrum and cultivar-specific cannabis oils that are CO2-extracted from our greenhouse-grown flower; using simply cannabinoids and terpenes – no fillers or cutting agents. Manufactured by AVD, the cartridges are non-toxic, inert and have a lead-free composition. The result is smooth, clean, flavorful vapor that is good until the last drop.

Firelands Scientific’s Cannabis Oil is created from our sungrown plants through a clean extraction process that retains much of the plant’s original phytochemical profile. Oleoresin, which consists of essential oils, terpenoids, cannabinoids and any other resin is extracted from plant matter using temperature, CO2, and pressure.

• Magnetic connector pre-installed for drop-in convenience with the Phoenix Nest Battery
• Fully encased heating element to preserve and protect the original flavor
• Porous ceramic design maximizes vaporization while preventing residue buildup
• Borosilicate tank design for durability and flavor maintenance

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