Magic Mushrooms and Creativity

Psychedelics have inspired creativity in so many geniuses over the years. Musicians, artists, and even scientists have all had “eureka” moments when they´ve been high. We wouldn´t have Pink Floyd or DNA coding if it wasn’t for acid. It’s fair to say that psychedelic substances heighten creativity. But why is it that we value creativity so much? Find out below along with everything else you need to know about how magic mushrooms can fuel creativity. . Humans and Creativity . Photo Illustration by Elizabeth renstrom . Creativity is unique in us Human beings, to the point where we dominate other species on planet earth. Since we first stood up on two legs and started painting in caves, we haven’t stopped being creative. To the point where we now live in an amazingly advanced and complex society. More and more evidence points to the fact that natural psychoactive plants, including magic mushrooms, played a big role in our creative urges and evolution. It could well be that religious sacred geometry, art, music, design, and even language were all born from tripping human minds. . Stoned Ape . . The legendary psilocybin guru, Terrence Mckenna, believes that magic mushrooms are the reason why we evolved into modern, creative humans. We still don’t know why but, suddenly 200000 years ago the human brain grew dramatically in size. There are loads of theories about why this might have happened. But Mckenna believed that magic mushrooms inspired our curiosity and creative which made our brains grow. . Creativity is good for you . . Creativity is all about expression and getting your emotions out, which we all know is beneficial for you. Finding a creative activity is great for people who find it hard talking about their emotions. Practicing a creative activity is like a form of meditation, it’s calming, relaxes you, relieves stress, and puts you in touch you’re your inner self. There are so many ways to be creative that pretty much everyone can find their own thing. Being in a creative moment frees the mind and when the mind is free it becomes flexible. Having an open, flexible mind lets you see things from a different perspective. It makes you more adaptable, better at problem-solving, and being a more empathetic human. . Why Magic Mushrooms Are Good for Creativity . . All mental health benefits that come with being creative can also be found in a magic mushrooms trip. When you’re tripping, the different parts of your brain communicate more freely, your perception and all senses are enhanced, and you’re subject to all kinds of insights. Your mind is unleashed and taken into creativity overdrive and suddenly the world is a very flexible place. In this state, it’s easier to overcome personal and creative boundaries and to find inspiration in the most simple things. The great news is, a recent study in the Netherlands has shown that the creative and mind boosting effects of a magic mushroom trip can last for up to a week after taking them. . Microdosing and Creativity . microdosing user guide . Microdosing magic mushrooms aren’t only a great way to enhance your mood and mental attitude, it really gets your creativity flowing too, which explains why microdosing with magic mushrooms became a huge trend in Silicon Valley. People over there credit microdosing for boosting their creative drive and innovation. Master mycologist, Paul Stamets, recommends microdosing magic mushrooms with medicinal lions mane. Taking them together in small doses could be even more effective at improving brain function. . Conclusion . Science is only just starting to find a link between magic mushrooms and creativity but as humans, we’ve known about it all along. We wouldn’t have achieved anything as a species without creative inspiration. Being creative is good for you and makes the world a better place. Next time you’re taking mushrooms why not set an intention to explore your own creativity and who knows, you might find a creative genius inside just waiting to be set free.

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